Confidence - Captivating - Professional - Performance


This acting class for competitive dancers is a movement-based acting class focusing on the study of Michael Chekhov acting technique.  Students will use movements and shapes that take advantage of their existing dance skill-set to learn control of emotion and energy.  Students will learn how to create a reliable, naturalized performance through a movement focused approach to intention and action.  Students will work on applying these techniques to choreography that will be performed at festival.



This ensemble class for competitive dancers focuses on the building of relationship and comradeship between performers.  Students will study improvisation, traditional ensemble work, lifts and stage fighting.  The class focus is on building healthy collaboration habits between performers and preparing dancers for success in the professional world.


Students in this class will study a traditional approach to theatrical acting technique.  We will study intention, tactics, actions and relationships using the Uta Hagan method.  Students will select an age and gender appropriate monologue between 1.5 and 3 minutes in length.  Monologues will be expected to be memorized by second week, students will then work on the same monologue layering different layers of acting technique onto the piece gradually.  The goal is to create a reliable, repeatable performance.  Students in higher ages may work on scenes